06 October, 2013


1. Women pastors / preachers? What does the Bible say about women in ministry? 2. What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Is it a sin? 3. What does the Bible say about tattoos / body piercings? 4. Once saved always saved? / Is eternal security biblical? / Can a Christian lose salvation? 5. Masturbation - is it a sin according to the Bible? 6. What does the Bible say about interracial marriage? 7. Who was Cain's wife? 8. What is the Christian view of suicide? What does the Bible say about suicide? What about a believer who commits suicide? 9. Do pets / animals go to Heaven? Do pets / animals have souls? 10. What happens after death? 11. What does the Bible say about Christian tithing? Should a Christian tithe? 12. What is the gift of speaking in tongues? Is it for today? What about praying in tongues? 13. What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? Are there dinosaurs in the Bible? 14. What is the importance of Christian baptism? 15. What does the Bible say about drinking alcohol? Is it a sin for a Christian to drink alcohol? 16. What does the Bible say about gambling? Is gambling a sin? 17. What does the Bible teach about the Trinity? 18. What does the Bible say about sex before marriage? 19. Where was Jesus for the three days between His death and resurrection? 20. What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage? Read more:

04 August, 2013

According to the REAL CLEAR POLITICS POLL, Obama has a 45.5% approval rating; Congress comes in at 14.8% and 61.4% feel that we're on the wrong track. This tells it all, my friends. Are you happy that the majority of you voted for Obama? This is WHY you should stay up with the NEWS on a daily basis. We're in a mess! As long as there are ding-a-lings running our lives, we'll always be in a mess. And you know something? We the people can't do a damn thing about it for three years. It's now August 4th. Congress starts a 5 MONTH recess on Monday. I just don't understand it. There's so many bills to consider. I'm wondering if these turkeys get paid while they're LEAPING TO AND FRO.

11 March, 2013


HANK HOKAMPS' JOURNALISM: My favorite quote comes from Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince," penned in 1532:

"There are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent,the second is good, the third is useless."

Tall tales of serpentine involvement over the years dot these degrees of effort that pertain to all of yesterday. And this hoopla will undoubedly repeat itself today and every tomorrow. The adoption of our Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, gave us a destiny but politicians and industrialists today, engaging in public and State affairs for personal or partisan aims rather than for reasons of principle, have given us separation.

* Excerpt from my unpublished manuscript, "Never A Toadstool."

31 January, 2013



26 January, 2013



* John Hawkins ist eine professionelle Blogger, die rechte Flügel News läuft!

"Obwohl Studien zeigen, dass wir Konservativen in der Regel glücklicher und optimistischer als die meisten über unser persönlichen Leben sind, sind wir auch ein bisschen pessimistischer als die durchschnittliche Person über das Land.

Wir betrachten unsere unhaltbare Höhe der Ausgaben, die dramatisch erweitern, zunehmend gesetzlosen Wohlfahrtsstaat, Förderung des Tribalismus und Klasse Hass als politische Taktik, Feindseligkeit gegenüber dem Christentum, Schulen, die Lehren von Sozialismus und Liberalismus, der Unterhaltungsindustrie moralisch bankrott und die Wiederwahl eines Mannes, der als Präsident eines jeden der einzelnen schlechtesten in der Geschichte unseres Landes gehabt haben können und wir fürchten ganz natürlich für die Zukunft unseres Landes.

Dies ist angemessen und wer Ihnen sagt, dass unsere Nation nicht in ernsthafte Gefahr jetzt ist entweder ignorant oder liegend zu Ihnen. Noch und noch, es gibt viele Gründe, optimistisch über die Zukunft dieses Landes sein.

Die Wiederwahl von Barack Obama hat das Potenzial, ein Wendepunkt sein. Trotz Barack Obama als Sozialist kleinlichen, gewöhnlich unehrlich, die über eine schreckliche Wirtschaft und eine Aufzeichnung der Inkompetenz beispiellos in der Geschichte Amerikas Vorsitzende war, war er trotzdem wiedergewählt.

Dies sollte ein Weckruf für die Republikanische Partei. Der GOP's messaging, Wahl des Kandidaten, ihren Prinzipien und vor allem Treue, Minderheit Reichweite nicht gerade gut genug. Das gleiche gilt für Ergebnisse der tief versenkt, dass Spender in der Partei immer für ihre Beiträge. Ihr Geld ist nicht klug eingesetzt. Der Basis haben jetzt alarmiert worden, nicht nur zeigt, bis auf eine Teeparty genug."


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    • 24 January, 2013

      ON THE LIGHTER SIDE: Medieval Castles


      Since the power and security of a lord depended upon his ability to defend himself, fief owners began to build sturdy castles. Castles were designed to withstand a siege and to mount a defense.

      At first castles were made of wood. But they were too easy to burn down. By 1100 CE, castles were built of stone. Thick walls surrounded a castle. Inside these thick walls, there were many buildings.

      At the first sign of trouble, the commoners rushed to get inside the castle walls before the gates closed and shut them out.

      Location: Castles were usually built on top of a hill, if one was handy. That way, the lookout guards could more easily spot attackers approaching.

      The Moat: A moat was built around many of the castles. This was a deep ditch surrounding the castle walls, filled with water. A bridge was built to cross the moat. The bridge was raised during an attack. The moat was loaded with traps and sharp spikes in case someone tried to swim across.

      The Drawbridge: The drawbridge was the bridge built across the moat. This bridge could be raised and lowered for added protection from intruders.

      The Keep: One of the largest spaces behind the thick walls was the keep. The keep was a storage area topped by a huge square tower with slotted windows for castle archers to use. The keep stored food, wine, and grain in case of siege.

      The Barracks: Other buildings made up the barracks. the barracks were the homes of the knights and their families.

      The Great Hall: The Great Hall was a passageway that
      connected the lord's home to the keep.

      The Chapel: The chapel was built either inside the lord's home or as a separate building. The chapel was a place to hold religious services.

      The Gatehouse: The gatehouse was a building used by the guards at the gates. The portcullis was the grating of iron bars at the gateway.


        The age of the Earth is thought to be 4.54 billion years old. This is based on evidence from radiometric age dating of meteorite material and is consistent with the ages of the oldest-known terrestrial and lunar samples.

        And for a minute, part of that time man has been a part of it. In fact, it is only two and a half million years ago since a genus ”Homo” appeared and two hundred thousand years since humans started looking like they do today.

        First man on Earth? The Neanderthals.


      20 January, 2013


        "7 Reasons To Be Optimistic About America's Future"

      * John Hawkins is a professional blogger who runs Right Wing News!

           "Although studies show that we conservatives are usually happier and more optimistic than most about our personal lives, we also tend to be a bit more pessimistic than the average person about the country.

          We look at our unsustainable level of spending, the dramatically expanding, increasingly lawless welfare state, encouragement of tribalism and class hatred as a political tactic, hostility towards Christianity, schools that teach socialism and liberalism, the morally bankrupt entertainment industry and the reelection of a man who may have had the single worst performance as President of anyone in our nation's history and we quite naturally fear for the future of our country.

          This is appropriate and anyone who tells you that our nation isn't in serious jeopardy right now is either ignorant or lying to you. Yet and still, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about this country's future.

          The reelection of Barack Obama has the potential to be a turning point. Despite Barack Obama being a mean-spirited, habitually dishonest socialist who was presiding over a terrible economy and a record of incompetence unprecedented in America's history, he was reelected anyway.

          This should be a wake-up call for the Republican Party. The GOP's messaging, choice of candidates, fidelity to its principles and most importantly, minority outreach just isn’t good enough. The same goes for results the deep pocketed donors in the party are getting for their contributions. Their money isn't being used wisely. The grassroots have now been alerted that just showing up at a Tea Party isn't good enough either.

          Social conservatives and the Christian church should be shocked out of their complacency as well. Although Obama seems likely to make a mess of things in his second term, that will give the American people more insight into the wages of liberalism while the Republican majority in the House and the three conservatives and two right leaning moderates on the Supreme Court will hopefully keep Obama from doing too much damage. God willing, as terrible as Barack Obama's election seems to be for the country today, it will turn out to be a positive turning point.

      08 December, 2012



       Reality therapy was founded by William Glasser and is based on his choice theory:

       Choice theory says that individuals have five inherent needs: survival, love and belonging, power or achievement, freedom or independence, and fun. According to reality therapists, the need to love and belong is most important, as other people are essential in meeting the other needs. A client’s issues are founded either in lack of relationship or lack of healthy relationship. However, the problem is not external but has to do with the client’s choices. Choice theory assumes that people choose their behaviors in order to satisfy needs or to mitigate the pain caused by unmet needs.

       Additionally, choice theory speaks of a “quality world,” consisting of memories of things that made a person feel good in the past. A quality world is one’s personal concept of what the world should be, based on wants and needs. Reality therapists help clients uncover and prioritize these wants and needs. They also develop a personal relationship with the client in order to help the client learn how to better connect with others.