08 December, 2012


 Reality therapy was founded by William Glasser and is based on his choice theory:

 Choice theory says that individuals have five inherent needs: survival, love and belonging, power or achievement, freedom or independence, and fun. According to reality therapists, the need to love and belong is most important, as other people are essential in meeting the other needs. A client’s issues are founded either in lack of relationship or lack of healthy relationship. However, the problem is not external but has to do with the client’s choices. Choice theory assumes that people choose their behaviors in order to satisfy needs or to mitigate the pain caused by unmet needs.

 Additionally, choice theory speaks of a “quality world,” consisting of memories of things that made a person feel good in the past. A quality world is one’s personal concept of what the world should be, based on wants and needs. Reality therapists help clients uncover and prioritize these wants and needs. They also develop a personal relationship with the client in order to help the client learn how to better connect with others.

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