04 August, 2013

According to the REAL CLEAR POLITICS POLL, Obama has a 45.5% approval rating; Congress comes in at 14.8% and 61.4% feel that we're on the wrong track. This tells it all, my friends. Are you happy that the majority of you voted for Obama? This is WHY you should stay up with the NEWS on a daily basis. We're in a mess! As long as there are ding-a-lings running our lives, we'll always be in a mess. And you know something? We the people can't do a damn thing about it for three years. It's now August 4th. Congress starts a 5 MONTH recess on Monday. I just don't understand it. There's so many bills to consider. I'm wondering if these turkeys get paid while they're LEAPING TO AND FRO.

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